Notary Project documentation

The Notary Project is a set of specifications and tools intended to provide a cross-industry standard for securing software supply chains by using authentic container images and other OCI artifacts. Notary Project is also the name of the GitHub organization that has multiple prominent subprojects like Notation, Notary Project specifications, and Notary. Very often we use the name Notary Project to refer to all the above as well as the community that drives the specifications and the implementations.


An overview of the Notary Project

Quickstart guides

The collection of guides for signing and verifying artifacts using Notation

User guides

The collection of guides for Notation users

Developer documentation

This documentation covers best practices for developing plugins for Notation

Notary Project specifications and requirements

Notary Project specifications and requirements

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the Notary Project


A list of Notary Project’s terminologies

Notary Project Adopters

Known adopters who use Notation in production or integrate Notation into their products and services.

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